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  • Irene, I have been using your 50% glycolic now for nearly two years and it's time to buy some more. I cannot tell you how many compliments I receive on my skin. Although I am lucky enough to have great skin, your product really helps keep it soft and relatively line-free. I have shared my secret several times, and you've done wonders making the women of Washington state look great!

  • Maki, To whom it may concern, I am writing this to show my appreciation about your products. I bought your products, Lactic acid 30% and vitamin C serum a couple months ago.I have been amazed how great it works for me. I am Japanese who lives in America. I have tried professional chemical peel and laser peel at a dermatologist in Japan. They worked good and I was pretty satisfied with the results. But I have to spend a lot of money on the treatments and my problem with my skin always come back. Since I started using the products, I have noticed the change after about 3 weeks and got pretty much same results after a while as I got when I professionally done in Japan.

    My skin has been a big issue for me last 5 years and I am so grateful that I found your website.

    Thank you so much and hope more people will know about your company.

  • Ronald - To whom it may concern, thank you so very much for offering great products at a price so anyone can afford to get their skin looking great! I was wondering if it would work at all and living in a dry climate I needed some help for my skin, WoW this stuff is great I have used it as a full body treatment as well as on my face. Thanks again Lora Besserer Nevada U.S.A.
  • Abby, To the people at Larachem:  I recently purchased a 8 oz bottle of the glycolic acid peel at 50%, and I just wanted to express to you my extreme pleasure with your product! So far, I have used it twice within the past two weeks and I love it. At first, I was pretty nervous about using it because it was 50% and I have heard that that is a strong percentage to use by yourself at home, especially if you're not used to the product. It turned out to be no such thing! It was fairly gentle on my skin but definitely effective already! After my first time using it, I noticed I broke out a little more than usual but after the second time, I saw a definite clearing of my acne within even a few minutes of using it. Overall, I am so happy I bought from you guys! You sell at such a fair price with a fair amount of the product. Most of the other websites I was looking at were selling just 2 oz of glycolic acid for nearly 60 dollars! If you would like me to publish my great satisfaction with your product on any website that you know of, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am so happy! Thanks so much for everything.  A very happy customer,